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Morocco Plans to Spend 580 Million Dollars to further Promote its Tourism

Morocco wants to spend 580 million dollars to attract more tourists.

It was reported on Friday that the government of Morocco wants to spend $580 million dollar to attract more visitors.

They spend the whole money on tourist marketing, upgrading the old hotels into a new look, developing new tourist points, and giving protection to upcoming tourists.

According to a general report, their aim is to attract more than seventeen million visitors from now to until 2026.

In 2019 there we see more than 12 million tourists visit Morocco.

The good news for non-job holders of Morocco is that the government decided to open new positions in the sector of tourism for the next four years and they want more people to hire.

The 6.1 billion dirham is equal to $580 million according to their calculation and government will spend this amount for tourism.

At last year they get double revenue from this sector that is why they want to spend more money to make more revenue for their country and the ratio of employment will increase as well; They decided to create 200, 000 new positions.

Here is list of tourists visited in Morocco from 2013 to 2020.

  • In 2013- 10.35 m
  • In 2014- 10.51
  • In 2015, 10.54
  • In 2016- 10.68
  • In 2017- 11.54
  • In 2018- 12.49
  • In 2019- 13.11
  • In 2020- 2 m

And it was reported that in last year more than 20 million passengers’ entry data were received by Morocco airport.

This is good step by Government of Morocco it can definitely generate more profit and more other advantages. The direct impact of this revenue is on the economy of the country.

As a result, more jobs will be published the ratio of more employment will increase.

To promote tourism the government also want to promote their traditions and culture.

Hence from 2013 the revenue and the visitors are increasing every year and it is confirmed that a key of the government strategy to draw in a new investment is tourism, which accounts for around 7 per cent of the nation’s domestic product.

The tourism minister of Morocco was agreed with the decision taken by government to promote tourism.

The government of Morocco want the tourists to not only enjoy but to explore the areas and the beauty of nature.

Why to Visit Morocco?

The reason to visit Morocco is that it is incredibly warm. The people of Morocco are very kind and soft heart.

They have unique culture, amazing foods to eat. And not more costly than of other countries.

5 Places to visit in Morocco

Asilah the Sandy Beach

Asilah the sandy beach is found in North Atlantic coast of Morocco; it is popular point for all those who want to enjoy lovely weather of sea side.  Across with sandy beach there is also a restaurant for your lunch and there is an art gallery to attract visitors.

Essaouira the exact place for Game of throne

Essaouira is the place for those tourists who love history and for those who watched game of throne. It is the area where season 3 games of thrones were shot and this make the area more unique for visitors.

Here you will also find a popular beach but most of tourist prefer horse riding and to attend music festival of Essaouira.

Sun Set View on Sahara Desert

Most of tourists don’t want to miss their chance to see sun set view point, which is in Sahara Desert of Morocco.

Some tourists prefer to sleep whole night under the sky to view the sky and stars.


It is found in north of Atlas Mountains; it is a city with a large medina.

According to an old research Marrakech is the safe place than any other place of Morocco.

Here shopping is good option for tourists.

Dakhla the kite surfing Hub

It is also popular place to visit in Morocco, with a beautiful beach, great hotels, restaurants, sports centers and tourists’ points.

In this area most of the tourists prefer a plethora of water sports.

Overall Morocco is rich in their tourism, Culture, Hospitality, and beautiful places to visit, that is why the government decided to spend 580 million dollars to attract more tourists. It is a good step which will generate more revenue for the Government of Morocco and the people will get benefits from this.

Progress of any country depends upon the actions and decisions that the government take during difficult situation. In 2020 because of COViD-19 the ration of tourist to Morocco was very low but still they are working to make this sector on top class and indeed it will not only provide a good revenue but most people will get jobs in this sector which the government has announced earlier.

Written by Piyar Ali

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