1 USD to PKR: 279.195104

1 PKR = USD 0.003583

Conversion: 1USD = 279.195104

US Dollar — Pakistan Rupee

1USD to PKR Today’s Exchange Rate

Today’s latest currency exchange rate of PKR in Open Market is USD to PKR 279.195104.

Changes Over Time and Their Significance

The US Dollar (USD) and Pakistani Rupee (PKR) exchange rate has changed a lot over time. In the beginning, it was stable, but many things like rising prices, political issues, and changes in the economy made the PKR lose value compared to the USD. Now, you need more PKR to get the same amount of USD than before.

The exchange rate helps us know how well a country’s economy is doing compared to others. If the PKR is weak against the USD, it might mean there are problems like high prices, trade issues, or less foreign investment, which can affect Pakistan’s growth. If the PKR is stronger, it can show better economic stability and a chance for growth.

Watching the USD to PKR exchange rate is helpful for understanding worldwide money trends and helps people like decision-makers, investors, and regular people make smart choices about trade, investment, and economy policies. Knowing about changes in money values helps people understand the global economy and what affects it.

1USD to PKR at The Time of 1947

In 1947, the amount of Pakistani Rupees (PKR) you could get for one US Dollar (USD) was very different from today. When Pakistan became independent, they first used the Indian Rupee and then switched to the Pakistani Rupee in 1948. Back in 1947, 1 USD was equal or between 3.00 to 3.30 PKR. The exchange rate was more stable back then. Over time, because of things like rising prices, political issues, and changes in the economy, the PKR has become worth less compared to the USD.

Exchange Rates Other Currencies to PKR

Pakistani RupeePKR279.195104USD to PKR
Chinese YuanCNY7.271076USD to PKR
UAE DirhamAED3.6725USD to PKR
Saudi RiyalSAR3.75USD to PKR
Indian RupeeINR83.481607USD to PKR
British PoundGBP0.788838USD to PKR
Turkish LiraTRY32.935982USD to PKR
Australian DollarAUD1.503556USD to PKR
AfghaniAFN70.740756USD to PKR

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