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What are the symptoms, stages, and treatment of Monkeypox?

This article is written to increase your knowledge and understanding regarding Monkeypox which is spreading day by day and is a viral disease, which spread from Animals to human

What are the symptoms, stages, and treatment of Monkeypox?

In this article you will know about

  • What is Monkeypox?
  • What are the Causes and Symptoms of Monkeypox?
  • What are stages of Monkeypox?
  • What is treatment of Monkeypox?
  • How Monkeypox Spread?
  • How Monkeypox look like?
  •  How to avoid Monkeypox?

What is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a viral infection that is similar to smallpox, but it is different from that, it spread from animal to human the first case of Monkeypox was identified in African Monkey in the year of 1958, in 1970 the first case of Monkeypox was reported in human and then the infection of Monkeypox in human was reported several other countries.

What are Causes of Monkeypox?

As we know that it is a viral infection caused by virus which is called Monkeypox virus, this virus belongs to Poxviridae, the main point is that smallpox also belongs to the same family. This virus spread from animal to human when

  • Infected animals sneeze and the drops from their nose and mouth attached to human hands.
  • Infected animals bite.
  • Body fluid of infected animals like saliva and blood.
  • When we hunt wild animals like rabbits have chances to have a monkey pox

What are symptoms of Monkeypox?

When the virus enters to human body the symptoms starts appear in five to 15 days, it depends upon your body immune system. The first and main symptom is High fever, strong head ach, muscle pain, rashes in skin, fluid blisters in skin and sweating.

What are stages of Monkeypox?

Most of People who are suffering from Monkeypox faced two stages; the first stage is called prodromal stage and the second stage is called rashes stage. In the first stage infected person feel flu, fever, headache, and muscle pain, this stage is for three to five days only, after that infected person fall in the next stage of Monkeypox. In the second stage rashes developed into the face of infected person, and started to spread in his body gradually.

What is treatment of Monkeypox?

The fact is that there is no any proper treatment available for Monkeypox, but don’t worry you can manage your symptoms, for that you need to care about yourself, care about you cleanness, take Antiviral medicines which your doctor prescribe you it may be cidofovir or other medicine. Many doctors give intravenous injections and fluids to give relief to your body. Vaccines are available in progressive countries.

How Monkeypox Spread? 

An infection which is spread from animal to human and then human to human if not follow guidelines of health care experts, it can spread from one person to another if you have a direct contact with infected person like his body fluid, blood and saliva can cause spreading of Monkey pox.

In many cases it can be transmitted through respiratory droplets from one person to another if we do not care about the distance. When infected person sneeze, cough and talk then to avoid the spreading of Monkeypox keep distance and ask help from medical experts.

How Monkeypox look like?

If a person has symptoms like fever, head ach, muscle pain and rashes in his body then they are called visible symptoms, the rashes are itchy and painful for infected person. After that doctor recommend PCR test which is polymerase chain reaction test, this test is use to detect presence of virus in human blood. Most doctors do skin biopsy to examine virus under microscope. The shape of Monkeypox virus is similar to the shape of other viruses, it genetic material is surrounded by an outer membrane. It is about 200 to 300 manometers in diameter. Monkeypox virus contains complex structure of DNA, enzyme and protein and this helps Monkeypox virus to replicate inside host cell.

Monkeypox in pregnancy

There are limited information available related to this topic but the most important thing is that do PCR test to confirm the presence of virus in the blood of infected woman, then follow guidelines of health care workers.

Can Monkeypox be cured?

Yes, it is curable but there is no any proper medicine available to treat Monkeypox, the only way to treat Monkeypox is supportive care. There are a lot of medicines available which will helps you to relief during the infection, they helps you to relief pain and fever.

How to avoid Monkeypox?

The main question every individual asks is that how to avoid monkey pox? To avoid monkey pox first of all avoid going near infected animals without gloves, masks and other protective cloths.

Avoid touching skin and death animals, keep distance from infected persons as well.

Take care about cleanness, use fresh food to eat and clean water to drink.

Overall, Monkeypox is a viral disease it is curable when you follow steps of health care workers to make you and your family save.

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