Sadia Khan Broke Her Silence On The News Of Their Relationship

Sadia Khan broke her silence on the news of her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan’s son.

Sadia Khan broke her silence on the news of her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan. She said he was met by chance during the New Year’s party and many people took pictures with Aryan.

Pakistani actress and model Sadia Khan broke the silence on rumors of her relationship with Aryan Khan. In an interview given to the Emirati media, Sadia Khan denied the news of her close relationship with Aryan Khan and called these rumors baseless. Sadia Khan said he lived in Dubai and met Aryan at a New Year’s party. Others had taken pictures with Aryan but did not know why only his picture became viral.

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Sadia Khan said that it is strange that people are creating stories about Aryan and her without knowing the full story. She added that there should be a limit to what happens in the name of news.

Sadia Khan said that being seen together in a picture does not mean we are dating each other. Terming these rumors as ‘baseless,’ the actress denied all these false reports. While doing so, Sadia said that Aryan is a very sweet and well-mannered boy, so IT should put these rumors to rest. IT should remember that a few days ago, a picture of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan with Pakistani actress and model Sadia Khan quickly became viral on the Internet. They were seen together at New Year’s celebrations in Dubai.

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