Police Department Undergoes a Major Reshuffle

Another Massive Reshuffle in the Police Department Ahead of the by-elections

As a result of the surrender of several senior officers to the Establishment Division, the Punjab government has made major changes to its police hierarchy and transferred 47 police officers mostly grade 18 and grade 19.

The move is part of an overall restructuring of the police hierarchy following the change of government. Initial transfers included the Inspector General of Police and additional Inspectors General, followed by regional police officers and city police officers (CPOs). DPOs, inspectors, and Station House Officers (SHOs) were then transferred across Punjab according to the official notification

01 Mr.Muhammad Tariq Aziz(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Sargodha
DPO Kasur vice Syed Imran Karamat Bukhari,SP, transferred.
02 Syed Imran Karamat Bukhari(PP/BS-18)
DPO Kasur
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
03 Mr.Asim Iftikhar(PP/BS-18)
DPO Nankana Sahib (in his own pay & scale) vice.Sardar Mavarhan Khan,SP,transferred.
04 Sardar Mavarhan Khan(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Nankana Sahib
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
05 Mr.Muhammad Zeeshan Reza (PSP/BS-19)
SSP,Administration, Special Branch,Punjab, Lahore
DPO Sialkot vice Mr.Muhammad Faisal,SSP, transferred.
06 Mr.Muhammad Faisal(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Sialkot
DPO Sargodha vice Mr.Muhammad Tariq Aziz,SSP, transferred.
07 Rana Tahir Rehman Khan(PSP/BS-19)
Battalion Commander (1),P.C,Lahore
DPO Narowal vice Capt.(R)Wahid Mehmood,SSP,transferred
08 Capt.(R)Wahid Mehmood (PSP/BS-19)
DPO Narowal
DPO Chakwal vice Mr.Kamran Nawaz Panjhuta,SP,transferred.
09 Mr.Kamran Nawaz Panjhuta (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Chakwal
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
10 Rana Umar Farooq(PSP/BS-18)
AIG Discipline,CPO Punjab,Lahore
DPO Khanewal (in his own pay & scale)vice Mr.Naeem Aziz,SP,transferred.
11 Mr.Naeem Aziz (PP/BS-18)
DPO Khanewal
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
12 Syed Asad Muzaffar(PSP/BS-18)
SP Investigation-ll, Investigation Branch, Punjab,Lahore
DPO Gujrat (in his own pay scale),against an existing vacancy.
13 Dr.Sardar Ghias Gul Khan (PSP/BS-19) Awaiting posting
DPO Attock vice Mr.Fazl-i-Hamid,SSP,transferred.
14 Mr.Fazl-i-Hamid(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Attock
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
15 Mr.Nasir Mahmood Bajwa(PP/BS-18)
Awaiting posting
DPO Jhelum (in his own pay scale) vice Dr.Fahad Ahmad,SP,transferred.
16 Dr.Fahad Ahmad(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Jhelum
DPO Hafizabad(in his own pay scale)vice Capt(R)Mazher Iqbal,SP,transferred.
17 Capt.(R)Mazher lqbal(PSP/BS- 18)
DPO Hafizabad
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
18 Mr.Matti Ullah(PP/BS-18)
SP Investigation,Chiniot
DPO Mianwali (in his own pay & scale) vice Mr.Muhammad Naveed,SSP,transferred.
19 Mr.Muhammad Naveed(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Mianwali
DPO Bhakkar vice Capt.(R)Muhammad Ajmal,SP,transferred.
20 Capt.(R) Muhammad Ajmal (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Bhakkar
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
21 Ms.Shaista Nadeem(PSP/BS-19)
SSP,Police School of Intelligence,Lahore
DPO Khushab vice Mr.Asad-ur-Rehman,SP,transferred.
22 Mr.Asad-ur-Rehman (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Khushab
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
23 Mr.Wasim Riaz (PSP/BS-18)
SSP Operations, Rawalpindi
DPO Chiniot (in his own pay & scale) vice Mr.Imran Ahmed Malik,SP,transferred.
24 Mr.Imran Ahmed Malik (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Chiniot
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
25 Mr.Arif Shahbaz Khan Wazir(PSP/BS-19)
SSP PTS Rawalpindi
DPO T.T.Singh vice Rana Shoaaib Mehmood,SSP,transferred.
26 Rana Shoaaib Mehmood(PSP/BS-19)
DPO T.T.Singh
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
27 Malik Tariq Mehboob(PP/BS-18)
SP CIA,Rawalpindi
DPO Jhang (in his own pay& scale) vice Mr.Muhammad Rashid,SP,transferred.
28 Mr.Muhammad Rashid(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Jhang
DPO D.G.Khan (in his own pay scale) vice Mr.Muhammad Akmal,SP,transferred.
29 Mr.Muhammad Akmal(PP/BS-18)
DPO D.G.Khan
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
30 Mr.Muhammad Kashif Aslam (PSP/BS-19)
DPO Lodhran
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
31 Mr.Hasam Bin Iqbal(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Talagang
DPO Lodhran (in his own pay & scale) vice Mr.Muhammad Kashif Aslam,SSP,transferred.
32 Capt®Mansoor Aman(PSP/BS-19)
SSP,Special Branch, Lahore Region
DPO Okara vice Mr.Muhammad Furqan Bilal,SP,transferred.
33 Mr.Muhammad Furqan Bilal (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Okara
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
34 Mr.Muhammad Essa Khan (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Bahawalnagar
DPO Vehari (in his own pay & scale) vice Mr.Muhammad Zafar Buzdar,SP,transferred.
35 Mr.Muhammad Zafar Buzdar (PSP/BS-18)
DPO Vehari
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
36 DPO VehariMr.Faisal Shahzad(PSP/BS-19)
PSO to IGP Punjab, Lahore
DPO Sahiwal vice Mr.Sadiq Hussain,SSP,transferred.
37 Mr.Sadiq Hussain(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Sahiwal Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
38 Mr.Muhammad Hasan Iqbal (PSP/BS-19)
Battalion Commander (7),P.C,Lahore
DPO Pakpattan vice Mr.Tauseef Haider,SSP, transferred.
39 Mr.Tauseef Haider(PSP/BS-19)
DPO Pakpattan
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
40 Syed Muhammad Abbas (PP/BS-18)
SSP RIB Faisalabad Region
DPO Bahawalpur (in his own pay & scale) vice Mr. Abadit Nisar,SSP,transferred.
41 Mr.Abadit Nisar(PSP/BS-19) DPO Bahawalpur
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
42 Mr.Rizwan Omer Gondal (PSP/BS-19)
Awaiting posting
DPO R.Y.Khan vice Mr.Akhtar Farooq,SSP, transferred.
43 Mr.Akhtar Farooq(PSP/BS-19)
DPO R.Y.Khan
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
44 Mr.Raza Safdar Kazmi (PSP/BS- 18)
Awaiting posting
DPO Muzaffargarh (in his own pay & scale)vice Mr. Ahmad Nawaz Shah,SP,transferred.
45 Mr.Ahmad Nawaz Shah(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Muzaffargarh
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
46 Mr.Fraz Ahmed(PSP/BS-18)
DPO Murree
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.
47 Mr.Tanveer Ahmad Malik (PP/BS-18)
DPO Kot Addu
Central Police Office,Punjab,Lahore.

The recent changes in the police hierarchy are aimed at improving the functioning and effectiveness of the police department in Punjab. The government hopes that these transfers will help in bringing about a positive change in the working of the department and enhance the public’s trust in the police.

The transfer of senior police officials and DPOs represents a significant step towards restructuring the police hierarchy in Punjab and is likely to lead to a significant change in the department’s functioning.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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