Dolphins have been Found Dead on the Beach of Atlantic Coast

French researchers found that over 900 dolphins were swept away since winter began on France’s Atlantic coast.

Beach of Atlantic Coast

The organization of French has studied that over 900+ dolphins are washed away, since from the start of winter many dolphins died because of various reasons on Atlantic coast of France.

The final death of 910 dolphins was reported on Friday called oceanographic observatory report. In past weak we heard that more than 300 animals were discovered stranded along the coast just recently, which the observatory claims is a record-breaking figure. These numbers are simply estimates, so they could vary.

According their observation most of the dolphins are death for many days and their body was on the surface of land with blood around the sand.

Some dolphins are in critical situation and are ready to die within one day.

Recent Report

According to report of 2017 and 2019 the death rate of average number of dolphins are between “700 to 800”. To help and protect dolphins some NGO’S suggest government to avoid fishing and urged for a temporary halt to fishing during these months only.

But the result was something unexpected, the government decided another way to protect dolphins they think that the areas where there is fishing point we put cameras to stop fishing operations.

This was not enough to stop fishing; the government must do something to stop such killing.

On board cameras are not enough to stop fishing.

Then in February, the Commissioner of the state council recommended a temporary restriction on specific types of fishing. The state council is the highest government authority in France so that it was a strong restriction but the result was not 100% in the fair of dolphins are people did not take it serious.

After that a team of environmental protection have complained about the current situation, several environmental protection groups have brought a legal complaint against the government, and formal decision by council is expected soon.

If we jump in past then we realize that in 2019, around more than 500 dolphins have been found dead on the beach of Atlantic coast.

Which is really a serious factor is dangerous for our Eco system as well.

The majority of dolphins, according to the reports have wounds that suggest they were injured by fishing nets or because of boat engines.

Government proposals to install cameras on beaches are an ineffective means of preventing fishing. So the most of the social workers are worried about current situation.

Marine biologists are also worried about the increasing number of injured dolphins on France Atlantic coast.

Most of them have been injured by fishing gear including nets and boat motors. A partial limitation on fishing during particular days when dolphins are more likely to come into contact with fishing activities has been suggested by several scientists.

The question of “How to preserve the marine life?” is still being discussed. However the government think that they will stop it to adopt some steps like the cameras on beaches.

Dolphins and Our Ecosystem

Dolphins are indeed an essential part of our echo system many scientists insure that sea animals are integral part of marine environment. Dolphins help preserve our echo system because they are part of our food chain and hence also they play a good role to control the population of their prey’s predators.

Many of the most extensive and productive echo system are coral reefs, which are maintained in decent form in part by dolphins.

To keep save the dolphins, prevent more of them washing up dead on French Atlantic coast and marine life it is important to follow steps that the government wants the people to follow.

And it is essential to take actions that could help include a temporary ban during some days and most of those days when the Dolphins are coming toward the fishing points.

The government need to aware the people to use safe fishing gear that does not harm marine life and all other organism under water.

By following these points the locals can contribute to safeguard dolphins and other organisms. And the other point we need to worry about is water pollution which kill thousands of organisms per month.

This article is not just news of Atlantic coast, but is awareness for all over the world that we need to take care of all other organism living on the earth, living under water or in the soil.

They all deserve the same life as we live. If the purpose of your life if searching food then the dolphins do the same they die because they came towards the area where humans put their Garbage’s, fishing nuts and poisons to capture more fishes in small interval of time.

At the end it is good message for all of us that Always keep in mind your small action of today can change the word tomorrow, the future generation can take pleasure in the wonders of our oceans.

Written by Piyar Ali

I began my writing career as a freelancer on different websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. I am most interested in writing about Science, Health, and International News. All of my articles are well-researched and based on reliable sources.