Ramadan Calendar 2023 (1444) Hijri Pakistan

23 March 2023  

1Karachi ( Hanafi )05:16 AM06:45 PMKarachi Ramadan Calendar
Karachi ( Jafria )05:06 AM06:55 PMKarachi Ramadan Calendar
1Lahore ( Hanafi )04:41 AM06:17 PMLahore Ramadan Calendar
Lahore ( Jafria )05:06 AM06:55 PMLahore Ramadan Calendar
1Islamabad ( Hanafi )04:44 AM06:22 PMIslamabad Ramadan Calendar
Islamabad ( Jafria )04:34 AM06:32 PMIslamabad Ramadan Calendar
1Rawalpindi ( Hanafi )04:44 AM06:22 PMRawalpindi Ramadan Calendar
Rawalpindi ( Jafria )04:34 AM06:32 PMRawalpindi Ramadan Calendar
1Faisalabad ( Hanafi )04:46 AM06:22 PMFaisalabad Ramadan Calendar
Faisalabad ( Jafria )04:36 AM06:32 PMFaisalabad Ramadan Calendar
1Multan ( Hanafi )04:54 AM06:28 PMMultan Ramadan Calendar
Multan ( Jafria )04:44 AM06:38 PMMultan Ramadan Calendar
1Peshawar ( Hanafi )04:50 AM06:28 PMPeshawar Ramadan Calendar
Peshawar ( Jafria )04:40 AM06:38 PMPeshawar Ramadan Calendar
1Hyderabad ( Hanafi )05:11 AM06:40 PMHyderabad Ramadan Calendar
Hyderabad ( Jafria )05:01 AM06:50 PMHyderabad Ramadan Calendar
1Quetta ( Hanafi )05:12 AM06:46 PMQuetta Ramadan Calendar
Quetta ( Jafria )05:02 AM06:56 PMQuetta Ramadan Calendar
1Gujranwala ( Hanafi )04:41 AM06:17 PMGujranwala Ramadan Calendar
Gujranwala ( Jafria )04:31 AM06:27 PMGujranwala Ramadan Calendar
1Gujrat ( Hanafi )04:41 AM06:18 PMGujrat Ramadan Calendar
Gujrat ( Jafria )04:31 AM06:28 PMGujrat Ramadan Calendar
1Sialkot ( Hanafi )04:39 AM06:16 PMSialkot Ramadan Calendar
Sialkot ( Jafria )04:29 AM06:26 PMSialkot Ramadan Calendar
1Sargodha ( Hanafi )04:47 AM06:24 PMSargodha Ramadan Calendar
Sargodha ( Jafria )04:27 AM06:34 PMSargodha Ramadan Calendar
1Chakwal ( Hanafi )04:46 AM06:23 PMChakwal Ramadan Calendar
Chakwal ( Jafria )04:36 AM06:33 PMChakwal Ramadan Calendar
1Mianwali ( Hanafi )04:51 AM06:28 PMMianwali Ramadan Calendar
Mianwali ( Jafria )04:41 AM06:38 PMMianwali Ramadan Calendar
1D. G. Khan ( Hanafi )04:57 AM06:31 PMD.G. Khan Ramadan Calendar
D. G. Khan ( Jafria )04:47 AM06:41 PMD.G. Khan Ramadan Calendar
1Mardan ( Hanafi )04:47 AM06:26 PMMardan Ramadan Calendar
Mardan ( Jafria )04:37 AM06:36 PMMardan Ramadan Calendar
1Attock ( Hanafi )04:47 AM06:26 PMAttock Ramadan Calendar
Attock ( Jafria )04:37 AM06:36 PMAttock Ramadan Calendar
1Sahiwal ( Hanafi )04:47 AM06:22 PMSahiwal Ramadan Calendar
Sahiwal ( Jafria )04:37 AM06:32 PMSahiwal Ramadan Calendar
1Jhelum ( Hanafi )04:42 AM06:19 PMJhelum Ramadan Calendar
Jhelum ( Jafria )04:32 AM06:29 PMJhelum Ramadan Calendar
1Gwadar ( Hanafi )05:35 AM07:04 PMGwadar Ramadan Calendar
Gwadar ( Jafria )05:25 AM07:14 PMGwadar Ramadan Calendar

Updated on 12 March 2023
What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. The fast is broken each evening with a meal called iftar. Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection and increased devotion and worship. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Ramadan Calendar 2023

When is The Ramadan 2023 (1444)?

Ramadan in 2023 is expected to begin on Friday, 24 March and end on 21 / 22 April, based on traditional Islamic lunar calendar calculations. The exact dates may vary slightly depending on local moon sighting reports.

When is Eid al-Fitr 2023?

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal and typically falls on a different date each year. In 2023, Eid al-Fitr is expected to be on Saturday 22 April or Sunday, 23 April 2023, but the exact date may vary based on local moon sighting reports.

What Is Sawm / Siyam’ (صوم/ صيام) Fasting?

Sawm is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is an act of worship observed during the holy month of Ramadan. It involves abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. The act of Sawm is considered a means of purifying the soul, promoting self-discipline, and demonstrating solidarity with those who are less fortunate. It is a time for increased devotion, reflection, and spiritual growth. Observing Sawm during Ramadan is considered a mandatory religious duty for adult Muslims who are physically able to do so.

Fasting has different words in different languages. Some examples include:

  • Arabic: Sawm
  • Bengali: Roza
  • Chinese: 禁食 (jìn shí)
  • French: Jeûne
  • German: Fasten
  • Hindi: व्रत (vrata)
  • Indonesian: Puasa
  • Italian: Digiuno
  • Japanese: 断食 (danshoku)
  • Spanish: Ayuno
  • Turkish: Oruç
  • Urdu: روزہ (roza)

These are just a few examples of the different words used for fasting in different languages. The specific word used for fasting can vary from one language to another, but the practice and its significance are widely understood and respected among Muslims worldwide.

Ramadan Timetable 2023 Pakistan (1444) Hijri