Chines Minister Qin Gang Warns US over Potential Conflict

China sees the US as its primary rival and geopolitical challenge while warning of potential conflict

China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, has warned of potential conflict with the US while accusing the country of regarding China as its primary rival and geopolitical challenge. Speaking at his first press conference as foreign minister, Mr Qin also criticized the US for its approach towards China and warned that containment and suppression would not make America great, nor would it stop the rejuvenation of China.

Mr Qin’s comments come amid heightened tensions between the two superpowers, sparked in part by the recent spy balloon saga. While the US has called for establishing “guardrails” to prevent further escalation, Mr Qin argued that this was not enough, saying, “If the US does not put on the brakes and continues to roar down the wrong road, no amount of guardrails can stop the derailment and overturning, and it is bound to fall into conflict and confrontation.”

Relations between China and the US have deteriorated in recent years, with former US President Donald Trump launching a trade war against China in 2018. The two countries continue to clash on a range of issues, including Taiwan, China’s militarization of the South China Sea, and the origins of COVID-19.

In his press conference, Mr Qin also touched on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, calling for peace talks to resume and warning that the situation had reached a critical juncture. He criticized the US for demanding that China refrain from supplying arms to Russia while it sells arms to Taiwan.

Mr Qin was named China’s foreign minister in December 2022 and is known as a tough-talking diplomat. He replaced Wang Yi, who was promoted to the politburo of the ruling Communist Party in October of that year.

Mr Qin’s remarks reflect China’s growing assertiveness on the global stage and its determination to challenge US dominance.  According to a report In economy, China has been growing day by day in recent years and is currently the world’s second-largest economy after the United States. However, the United States still has a higher GDP per capita and remains a global economic powerhouse.

China has also been modernizing its military and has made significant advancements in recent years. It has the world’s largest standing army and has been investing heavily in advanced military technologies such as hypersonic missiles, stealth aircraft, and aircraft carriers.

While USA is currently the world’s largest economy and a leader in many industries, including technology, finance, and entertainment.

In terms of military strength, the United States has the world’s largest military budget and possesses advanced military technologies and capabilities. It has a global network of military bases and alliances, and its military is deployed around the world to maintain stability and protect its interests.

Written by Piyar Ali

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