The World’s ‘Most Powerful Passport’

The UAE passport ranked as the world’s most powerful in 2023 by offshore consulting firm

According to a recent report by offshore consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, the UAE passport has been ranked as the world’s most powerful passport for 2023. The UAE has moved up significantly in the list since last year, when it was ranked 35th.

The country’s improved ranking is largely attributable to recent legislation that now permits foreigners to apply for dual citizenship, in addition to its business-friendly environment, competitive tax structure, and liberal travel policies.

This year, Luxembourg, which had previously held the top spot for the previous two years, fell to second place. The small but thriving EU member state grants its residents a high degree of freedom and has excellent passport perception. Additionally, it has recently become simpler for foreigners who live there to become citizens.

Switzerland is ranked third and is one of only three non-EU nations to make the top ten. High levels of privacy and freedom are enjoyed by Swiss citizens, and the nation’s renowned neutrality ensures that they continue to be among the most well-respected travellers in the world.

Ireland’s passport comes in at number four. The nation has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe and receives high marks for visa policies. Due to their membership in the Common Travel Area (CTA), which permits free travel to and the right to work in the UK, Irish citizens can travel without hassle.

The passport of Portugal is ranked fifth. Portugal is a welcoming and open nation, and Portuguese nationals are well-liked worldwide. Additionally, they benefit from visa-free travel to nations like South Africa, which is not available to other EU citizens. Additionally, Portugal offers a friendly welcome to expats who speak fluent English and a beneficial tax exemption programme.

Germany’s passport comes in at number six. Germany is a highly industrialised economy with a strong commitment to hard work. It is the fourth-largest economy in the world and the largest economy in the EU. High levels of travel freedom are granted by German passports, but there is a cost in the form of higher taxes when compared to many of their European neighbours.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the Czech Republic’s passport has ranked seventh on the list. The nation has a rich cultural heritage and joined the EU in 2004. It is a well-liked location for expats. Holders of Czech passports have extensive travel freedom, and with the right planning, they can also have extensive tax freedom.

The eighth-ranked New Zealand passport is a new entry into the top ten. The country is well-liked by expats due to its pleasant climate, laid-back personality, and picturesque landscapes. Although the nation imposed strict lockdowns during the pandemic, residents generally enjoy a high level of personal freedom both within the nation and when travelling abroad.

Sweden’s passport dropped from joint second place last year to ninth place this year. Due to its outstanding international standing and the high degree of personal and travel freedoms provided, the nation has been consistently ranked among the top ten passports for the past seven years. The price for this, though, is extremely high taxes.

Among the 199 passports ranked by the firm, Pakistan’s passport ranks 195. In addition to travel, the ranking also takes into account international taxation laws, global perception, dual citizenship, personal freedom, and compliance with regulations and scrutiny when traveling.

Written by Imad Khan

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