YouTube Monetizing Shorts from 1st February

Now shorts will help you make big bucks, YouTube will monetize the Shorts from the 1st of February

As per commitment, YouTube has announced that the creators will be eligible to generate revenue by shorts ads on their shorts from the 01st of February. YouTube committed it last year, in September.

This is opening new corridors for extra earnings for Pakistani YouTube content creators, that are focusing on creating short content. Before that super chat was the option for the creators to make money. It will be part of YouTube policy, whether you agree or not, you have to agree with it.

It is just like the earnings from the monetized channel. There are a few terms and conditions for monetization. If you are fulfilling any of the following conditions with 1,000 subscribers, then you are eligible for earning.

  • 4,000 hours non-Shorts content
  • 10 million views on Public Shorts within 90 days, i.e., 3 months.
  • Shorts With 45% Revenue Split

Written by Aly Bukshi

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