PTA: Most Visited Social Media Platforms in Pakistan

YouTube is attracting more users from Pakistan, PTA published the list of the top 8 social media apps

In recent years, Pakistan is one of those countries that are engaging themselves with internet technology at a higher pace. Different social media are getting fame around Pakistani land. These social media platforms are being used for entertainment, connectivity, and earning.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA ) is keeping an eye on all of the internet usage in Pakistan and continuously in try to make it more flexible and available for the users. In recent days, PTA has announced there are 217.1 million social media users are there in Pakistan. These users approach different platforms. PTA has also announced the list of the top 8 most visited platforms.

YouTube stood at number 1, with 71.7 million users. Facebook was at second with 57.5 million users. SnakVideo is holding 3rd ranking with 20 million users, whereas Snapchat has 18.8 million local users. Chinese platform is at number 5, attracting 18.3 million users.

Instagram, the Facebook sister platform, has 15.6 million active accounts in Pakistan. While LinkedIn is ranking at number 7, with 7.6 million users. The 8th position is acquired by Bigo and Likee with 4.2 million profiles. Twitter is trending at number 9, with 3.4 million accounts from Pakistan.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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