Suspected Cases of Monkey Pox have been reported in Lahore

Suspected cases of Monkey Pox have been reported in General hospital Lahore

There is a possibilities of monkey pox disease coming to Lahore, recently two cases of monkeypox were detected in General Hospital Lahore.

According to the report, today on Sunday 30 April 2023, doctors reported two patients who were suffering from monkeypox.

Some doctors are not sure whether this is monkeypox or something else, however, both patients are in isolation and one patient has skin rashes and blisters on his body.

To confirm the presence of virus, doctor suggests a PCR test, which will detect the Virus in the body, in the progressive countries vaccines are available but unfortunately in our country, there is no vaccination available for monkeypox.

According to health authorities, several health desks and isolated wards have been made in many government hospitals.

The monkey virus spread from animal to human and is spreading day by day, every individual needs to take care of their and their family’s health.

Recently doctors at General hospital Lahore have found two cases of monkeypox, and it is predicted that this virus is spreading day by day, just like corona virus it spreads when we do not take care of health prescriptions.

It has flu like symptoms like itching, fever, headache, and muscle pain. So be aware and take care of your health.

Written by Piyar Ali

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