Meta Launches Instagram and Facebook Paid Verification

Meta started paid Instagram and Facebook verification in the US.

Today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the US availability of Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook. Last month, Australia and New Zealand started a subscription service to add the blue checkmark to Instagram and Facebook profiles. Meta Verified costs $14.99 on mobile and $11.99 on the web. Zuckerberg announced today’s US Meta Verified launch on Instagram’s Meta Channel. Sign up for a credential, proactive impersonation prevention, and direct customer support.”

Online subscription service signups begin today. The monthly cost and 18-year-old age requirement apply. Meta Verified subscriptions need identity verification and a government-issued picture ID. Two-factor authentication is required. Meta Verified subscribers must re-verify to modify their profile name, picture, username, or date of birth.

Meta Verified has unique stickers for Facebook, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Reels, as well as 100 Stars a month on Facebook. After testing in Australia and New Zealand, the business reported “excellent results” and is examining subscriber feedback. Meta Verified subscriptions in Australia and New Zealand boost search results, comments, and recommendations. The corporation aims to investigate customer comments that this service needs clarification before spreading it to additional nations.

Zuckerberg is using Elon Musk’s strategy to build popularity with Meta Verified. With Tesla’s takeover of Twitter last autumn, Twitter has offered a $8-per-month verification option via its revised Blue membership program. Nevertheless, unlike Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users won’t have to pay extra to authenticate their accounts on both networks. Despite Musk’s commitment to eliminate legacy verification badges, he hasn’t.

The blue checkmark has become a popular social media sign in recent years. Politicians, actors, artists, sportsmen, and journalists had exclusive access. Musk supports blue checkmarks for everyone, even if he opposes them. While not charging for most of its services since its founding, Meta is redefining how things are done. In addition to Meta and Twitter, Snap just introduced its subscription service, which has turned 2.5 million users into paying members, making it one of the largest subscription services in the world.

Start Meta Verified by clicking “Accounts Center” in your Instagram or Facebook account settings. “Meta Verified is available” will appear beneath your name and profile photo if you can use it. Sign up after choosing your monthly plan payment option.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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