Twitch Goes Down for The Second Time in a Week

Twitch, one of the most widely used live streaming services, is currently suffering from an outage for the second time this week.

Twitch, the popular live streaming service, is down for the second time this week. Many Twitch creators were cut off in the middle of their streams around 3PM EST on Thursday afternoon.

“We are aware of site issues and our teams are actively working on a resolution,” Twitch Support said in a tweet. “We appreciate your reports and patience while we work on it; we will keep you posted here.”
Twitch’s status page indicated that all systems were operational throughout the incident

Some streamers were able to restart their streams within about 20 minutes of the outage, indicating that not all streamers were affected. However, the timing of these issues irritated fans.

Three days before, on January 3, a Twitch outage gave the impression that some creators had deleted their accounts. Twitch was having issues loading followed channels on both desktop and mobile.

Twitch confirmed the outage on its status page, saying it “could manifest as chat not working, login difficulties, search impaired, and so on.”

At the time of publication, we had seen some affected creators restart their streams, but Twitch has not indicated that Thursday’s issue has been fully resolved via Twitter or its website.

Twitch did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the cause of these problems.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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