Suspects in the F-9 Park rape case killed in gunfire: Islamabad police

According to police in Islamabad, two individuals who were thought to have raped women at F-9 Park earlier this month were killed

Police claimed the two suspects were killed in crossfire at Sector D-12 in the early hours of Thursday after they opened fire at officers at a checkpoint, according to a social media post. It stated that police officers stationed at specific checkpoints were safe.

The attackers were shot, according to the capital police, who also insisted that they later died from their wounds before receiving medical attention.

Detailing the process, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police claimed that CCTV footage showing the deceased suspects entering F-9 Park on the day of the event helped to identify them. The two were charged with involvement in more offences, too.

The most recent development came a week after two men sexually assaulted a lady in a shocking episode that stunned the South Asian nation, which is seeing an increase in sexual violence. Two armed men are accused of raping a woman under the influence of her own gun Thursday night in the F-9 Park neighbourhood. The incident sparked indignation across social media.

According to the FIR filed at the Margalla police station, the victim was walking in the park with a friend when two guys separated them and attacked her when she put up a fight. They forced the victim, a Mian Channun resident, into the woods before overpowering her.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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