State Bank of Pak released $50 million for GOVT hajj Scheme

The goverenment of Pakistan Hajj Mission to Saudi Arabia 2023, received the first tranche of 50 million dollars and it is sent out by The State Bank of Pakistan. 

The government was inquired to hand over 213 million dollars for the hajj scheme of 2023. According to the source, the Ministry of Religious Affairs will receive 213 million dollars within four days in installments.

2nd tranche of 40 million dollars was sent out by the finance minister to the state bank of Pakistan. This report clear that among this amount the ministry for fares of airline, transport & residence will receive 213 million dollars.

According to government they received 80,000 applications for Hajj, the actual quota was 89,605 and hence they received only 80,000 applications.

According to Ministry of Relegious affair M Talha Mehmood the first flight will fly on 20th of the May 2023. Aftab Akbar who is secretary of Relegious Affair said that The Hajj operation will be end to 21th june.

Like every year, this year also a large number of pilgrims will leave Pakistan to perform Hajj. Arrangements for Hajj are in progress and will be fully arranged soon.

Written by Piyar Ali

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