China wants to deepen its military cooperation with Pakistan

Vice Chairman of Central Military Commission Meets with Pakistan’s COAS in Beijing to Enhance Cooperation and Mutual Security Interests

During a meeting with Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Gen. Asim Munir, in Beijing, Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia expressed China’s willingness to strengthen and broaden military ties with Pakistan in order to jointly protect the region’s peace and stability.

The meeting covered topics like shared security concerns and military cooperation.

On the first day of his four-day official visit to China, Gen. Munir was greeted at the People’s Liberation Army headquarters with a guard of honour.

He gave a thorough inspection of the well-dressed contingent before showcasing the PLA Army soldiers’ tactical prowess. The COAS commended the PLA soldiers for their high level of professionalism and training.

The need to uphold regional peace and stability and improve military-to-military cooperation was emphasised by both military commanders. The objective of the trip is to strengthen already strong ties between the two armed forces.

The COAS is anticipated to meet with Chinese military leaders during his visit to discuss shared security concerns and to fortify military ties between the two nations, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations.

The Chinese Defence Ministry reaffirmed Beijing’s commitment to advancing its partnership with Pakistan’s military in order to jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

The most recent development highlights the two nations’ shared commitment to regional security and further solidifies their close ties.

Written by Imad Khan

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