Pakistan’s Sole Monkeypox Patient Fully Recovers

Pakistan’s first and only Monkeypox patient successfully recovers and is discharged from the hospital, with no further cases detected in the country.

The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination of Pakistan has announced the full recovery and subsequent discharge of the country’s first and sole Monkeypox patient from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital.

The Ministry’s spokesperson confirmed the patient’s tests were negative, following a course of treatment at PIMS. He acknowledged the high-quality medical services extended to the patient during their treatment.

Abdul Qadir Patel, the Minister for National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination, confirmed in a statement that Pakistan no longer has any active cases of Monkeypox.

He expressed gratitude towards the hospital staff for their exceptional care of the patient and assured that the ministry is actively monitoring the situation.

In light of the recent case, Border Health Services has issued an advisory to enhance the screening of incoming passengers at all international airports in the country. Patel said that 22 samples from potential cases across the country were tested for the Monkeypox virus via PCR, but no additional positive cases were found.

The Minister assured that the situation is under control, with the government having devised a thorough strategy to manage the circumstances. All relevant departments have been advised to maintain vigilant surveillance, including laboratory diagnostics, contact tracing, and quick identification of suspected cases, infection clusters, and sources of infection to ensure optimal clinical care.

Written by Muhammad Qasim