Pakistan Railways will release a booking and assistance app

The Railway Automated Booking & Travel Assistance (RABTA) application will soon be made available by Pakistan Railways, which would improve its business practises.

Pakistan Railways is preparing to introduce the Railway Automated Booking & Travel Assistance (RABTA) application to improve its operations. In order to increase productivity through the use of information technology, the Federal Railways Minister signed a joint venture deal with two Chinese businesses (IT).

As a result of this agreement, the RABTA app will be released, enabling travellers to purchase tickets, cabs, meals, and hotels.

While talks with the government on an excise duty on air tickets are in progress, the Railways Minister stated that the application will add an additional Rs. 9 to each train ticket. The programme also enables customers to schedule shipments and track train timetables.

The revenue-sharing agreement with China makes the app available, and it is recognised as a key step in modernising the Railways’ operations.

In the meantime, Pakistan Railways increased train fares by 8% on February 1 except for the Green Line due to the recent jump in gasoline costs. A representative for the Railways said that the tariff increase was required since the most recent diesel price was costing the department Rs. 10 million every day.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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