Dar and the AIIB’s chief economist spoke about collaboration on environmentally friendly development projects

Chief Economist of the AIIB, Erik Berglof, on Tuesday emphasised the contribution of the AIIB to investments and infrastructure development projects in Pakistan

Berglof visited the Finance Division to speak with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar about potential collaboration on development initiatives, particularly those that are environmentally benign and climate resilient.

The minister briefed Berglof on the nation’s present economic picture during the meeting and informed him of the government’s economic policies and reforms enacted to promote the social advancement of the underprivileged.

He stated that despite economic difficulties, the government is committed to turning things around and placing the economy on a positive course. Berglof was also informed by the finance minister of the financial damages brought on by the disastrous floods, as well as the need for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the flood-affected districts.

The current government’s economic reforms and measures for the social elevation of the general populace were praised by the chief economist of the AIIB.

Senior personnel from the Finance Division as well as SAPM on Finance Tariq Bajwa and SAPM on Revenue Tariq Pasha attended the meeting.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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