Pakistan Approves The First-Ever Auto Industry Safety Standards

CCLC adopted the safety requirements for the auto industry

The Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC) adopted the safety requirements for the auto industry on Friday, which is an unusual milestone.

The federal cabinet will now receive the safety requirements for approval. Once passed, these rules will apply to the automotive industry.

The CCLC has authorised eight safety requirements for locally produced automobiles, according to specifics. These include air bags (PS:5576), safety belts (PS:5578 and PS:5579), child restraint systems (PS:5574 and PS:5575), electric powertrain for EVs (PS:5550 and PS:5551), and helmets for riders (PS:1402).

The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority created these safety regulations (PSQCA). These requirements are fairly similar to Japanese requirements.

Due to the conflicting interests of three ministries, PSQCA had a very difficult time creating the national standards for automobiles assembled or manufactured in the nation.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, which oversees the PSQCA, the Ministry of Industries, which deals with the auto industry, and the Ministry of Climate Change, which strives to reduce carbon emissions, were some of these stakeholders.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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