‘Organ transplant gang’ unearthed by Punjab police, one arrested

A Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) investigation uncovered a criminal gang operating in the illicit trade of kidneys. One man has been arrested as a result of the investigation

According to the police report, the accused attempted to bribe a PHP official but was not successful. As a result of an initial medical examination, the organ has been removed. A further investigation revealed four other members of the gang and their makeshift operating room located in Phase VIII of Bahria Town.

Police continue to pursue the gang, which reportedly charged its clients, primarily from Arab countries, up to Rs 5 million ($32,000) per organ. An offer of Rs 200,000 ($1,270) was made to the victim, a resident of Faisalabad.

A routine police checkpoint on Japan Road led to the arrest of the gang. Saqib Ali, the driver of a white car, attempted to flee the scene, but was stopped by the officers. The police discovered a passenger in the car with a cannula and bandages on his abdomen after further investigation. Azam Wali informed the police that he was approached by the gang who offered to assist him with his financial problems.

Mr. Wali was taken to a house in Bahria Town where he was unconscious after receiving an injection. A cannula was in his arm and he was experiencing abdominal pain when he awoke. The brother of Mr. Wali confirmed that Rs 200,000 had been sent to him for Azam’s kidney.

According to the victim’s statement and medical reports, there is no doubt that the kidney was removed illegally. It was discovered that Mr. Ali’s belongings contained a total of Rs 995,000 and 50 Omani Riyals.

Three weeks prior to this discovery, the Lahore police had arrested a member of a similar gang operating in Rawalpindi. In spite of this, a senior police officer in Rawalpindi claimed to have no knowledge of such gangs operating in the city.

There is no doubt that this shocking revelation will highlight the dangerous and illegal trade in organs, and the authorities are committed to taking all necessary measures to end these practices.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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