Balochistan’s IG of Police Demands Equal Opportunities for Female Officers

During the opening of the second women-only police station in Turbat, Balochistan, IG of the Balochistan Police emphasised the need of equal opportunity for women in the police service

The importance of equal chances for women in the police service was emphasised by Inspector General (IG) of Balochistan Police, Abdul Khaliq Sheikh, at the opening of the second women-only police station in Turbat, Balochistan.

He believes that police officers should use their skills and abilities to advance society.

According to IG Sheikh, Turbat is the ideal place for a women’s-only police station where women will feel secure reporting their issues because of the city’s considerable population of educated women. Attempts to make the Balochistan police more friendly and accessible were also emphasised, along with the fact that the province has 403 female policemen, 46 of whom are located in the Kech area.

The IG emphasised the historical significance of women and the necessity of giving them equal opportunities for advancement. He exhorted police officers and other institutions to perform to the best of their abilities and work to make society better.

On Sunday, Balochistan opened its second women-only police station in the Kech district, nearly a year after the province’s first one in Quetta.

The newly established police station in Turbat, the administrative hub of the Kech district, has nominated Inspector Masirah Baloch station house officer (SHO).

Written by Aly Bukshi

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