Ookla’s Q4 2022 Report – Ranked Broadband & Mobile Networks

Who is the fastest, most consistent, and low server latent network and broadband? Ookla shared a report of Q4 of last year

Ookla is a company that measures the internet speed of any region. It is categorized based on the network provider’s downloading speed, contingency, and latency.

Ookla ranked different broadband and mobile internet providers on the discussed features of Pakistan for the last quarter of 2022.

Best Mobile Internet Provider

In terms fastest downloading speed, Jazz surpassed everyone. In the last quarter of 2022, Jazz’s median download speed Mbps was 20.84. Zong was at 2nd with 13.99 Mbps. Ufone and Telenor were respectively at 3rd and 4th positions with 11.26 and 5.13 Mbps.

While things turned around in latency, Zong surpassed everyone with 46 ms latency. Ufone with 54 ms was at the 2nd number. Telenor and Jazz are at 3rd and 4th numbers with 58 and 59 ms.

Jazz remained at the top in terms of consistency. It was the most, with an 82.8% consistency rate. Zong and Ufone were at the 2nd and 3rd number with 72.5% and 69.09% consistency rates. At the same time, Telenor holds only 45.1% consistency.

Fixed Broadband Internet Provider

Besides the mobile network operators, several fixed broadband internet providers are also there. It includes Transworld, Connect Communications, Cybernet, Nayatel, Wateen, and PTCL.

In terms of Median Download Speed, Transworld is at the top of the list with 17.89 Mbps. Connect Communications was ranked on 2nd position with 14.07 Mbps. Cybernet provided 12.84, and Nayatel was in 4th position with 11.35 Mbps. Wateen was at the second last position with 9.57. PTCL roasted itself with 7.61.

Nayatel and Cybernet shared 1st ranking in median multi-server latency with 11 ms latency. Connect Communications was at 2nd with 12 ms. Transworld provided 26 ms. Wateen was 29, and PTCL ranked last with 38 ms.

Transworld was the most consistent, with a 38.4% consistency rate. However, it is for low than mobile internet providers. Wateen delivered 25.1%. Connect Communications was at 3rd with 23.9%. Nayatel was successful in providing 20.0% consistency. Cybernet and PTCL ranked 5th and 6th with 16.6% and 11.7%.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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