Foldable & Expandable Tecno Phantom Vision V Launched

Smartphone or tablet? Foldable and expandable Tecno’s Phantom Vision V is here

Tecno is showing its seriousness in terms of innovation and design. After Tecno phantom x2, Tecno presented its concept phone, Phantom Vision V.

It is a smartphone and a mid-size tablet at a time. You can carry it anywhere as it is easily foldable and can fit in your pocket. On folding, it doesn’t appear bulky. In folding, it is the companion of many others, i.e., Samsung, Huawei, etc., but this concept phone is something extra than its companion. The feature is its expandability. On rolling, it extended to its limit.

Three cameras on the back make it attractive to many others. It also has a feature that is also a genius mind innovation. It has a small display called “reverse-side back cover.” It helps to show notifications, clock, and reminders.

Its LCD comprises 11 layers that make it durable and flexible. Its casing is made of “Aerospace grade” titanium which adds more durability to the set. After complete expansion, it touches 10.1 inches.

Currently, it’s not available for sale, but it is presented as a concept phone. The price of such phones is more than usual. Its hoped Tecno will start reveille soon what will be the price of these features.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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