Monkey Pox was reported in Pakistan

Monkey pox a viral disease that spread from Animals reported in Pakistan.

Monkey Pox was reported in Pakistan.

Monkey pox is a viral disease that can spread from Animals to human being, with direct and indirect contact, regarding “direct contact” it can transfer from the sneezing and coughing of infected animals, but with “indirect contact” it can transfer from food and water which is infected by animals in an unclean area.

Recently Monkey Pox virus was reported in Pakistan, it was reported first time in Pakistan that two people were affected by monkey pox. The two patients who were infected by monkey virus were belongs to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, both of them travelled from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and both of them having symptoms of monkey pox.

After verification they were shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) hospital Islamabad for further treatment and phlebotomist took their blood samples and send it to National Institute of Health to make further investigation.

After this Health department issue following notifications

  • Conduct a medical examination of all those who came from outside of country.
  • Use mask in crowdie areas especially in airport areas.
  • All passengers need to examine their test to find whether they are infected or not.

What is Monkey Pox?

Monkey pox virus is group of viruses, and is a viral disease, that affect human and animals, this virus belongs to the family Poxviridae, and it can easily be transferred from animal to human being.

It can transfer, if we have direct contact with animals like it can transfer from the saliva of the animal, it can transfer from other body fluids and their urine.

What are symptoms of Monkey Pox?

Symptoms of Monkey pox are

  • Flu
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Pain in Muscles
  • Aches and skin problems

The skin rashes have divided into stages like blistering, scabbing and healing and it can spread from one part of the body to whole body gradually.

A person who has a weak immune system, and those who are near to the animals are at high risk, so it is important to stay away from infected animals and use clean and neat food, do not use food form outside of non-clean areas.

According to doctors there are no any proper treatment for monkey pox, the only way is to take care of your body, many doctors recommend antiviral medicines, pain killers, and other medicines that can help relieve in symptoms.

It is curable and you will recover within some days but most people with weak immune system will take more days to recover.

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