Karachi Zoo Elephant Noor Jehan Laid to Rest; Concerns Grow for Madhubala’s Health

Noor Jehan, a 17-year-old elephant, was buried at Karachi Zoo following her death due to health issues and alleged neglect. Meanwhile, concerns rise for the health of another elephant, Madhubala, who may be at risk of contracting a virus.

KARACHI: Noor Jehan, a 17-year-old elephant, was laid to rest at Karachi Zoo following her demise due to ongoing health complications and alleged insufficient care at the facility.

The grave for Noor Jehan was dug 15 feet deep, 14 feet long, and 12 feet wide, according to a spokesperson for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC). The burial site was prepared with four tonnes of lime and disinfectants.

The KMC spokesperson further mentioned that cranes were utilized to lower the elephant’s body into the grave.

Noor Jehan, who had been suffering for months due to ill health and neglect, passed away at Karachi Zoo on Saturday, despite all attempts to nurse her back to health proving futile.

In a statement, the administrator disclosed that the elephant had been experiencing fever for the past few days. They emphasized that exhaustive efforts were made to save her life.

During her final days, Noor Jehan endured needle pricks from IV drips and was frequently drenched in water to lower her temperature.

In related news, the zoo administration expressed concern for another elephant, Madhubala, who may be at risk of contracting the virus that led to Noor Jehan’s passing.

Karachi Zoo director Kanwar Ayub announced that Madhubala’s relocation to Safari Park has been delayed to allow for thorough testing.

The director explained that Madhubala will undergo a series of screenings and have her blood samples taken for analysis. The samples will be sent to a laboratory in Lahore for evaluation.

If Madhubala’s health reports come back clear, she will be transferred to Safari Park to ensure the safety of the other two elephants, Sonia and Malika, who could potentially be affected as well.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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