Maria B Apologizes After Criticism of Graveyard Photo Shoot

A well-known Pakistani fashion designer Maria B apologizes following criticism of her graveyard photoshoot.

Maria B is a well-known Pakistani fashion designer who is known for her contemporary and chic looks. She is one of Pakistan’s top fashion designers and has recently expanded her brand overseas. Maria B’s designs are renowned for their distinctive fusion of traditional and modern elements, which has made both young and old customers adore them. Prestigious publications like Vogue and Elle have featured her designs, and fashionable clients frequent her boutiques. The Lux Style Award for Best Female Designer is just one of the many honors Maria B has received for her creations. She serves as an example for many aspiring designers and has left a lasting impact on Pakistani fashion that will endure for many years.

A well-known fashion designer, Maria B, apologized on Friday after facing criticism for recording a photo shoot in a cemetery. The fashion designer came under fire from a Bahawalpur ruling Abbasi family member for shooting there without permission.

Chang Khan claimed that the model in the shooting video was dancing on his grandfather’s grave when he posted screenshots of the video. Netizens criticized the designer and called her out on the outrageous act shortly after the images went viral.

Maria B issued an apology and removed the video of the shoot from her official Instagram account in response to the backlash on social media.

The designer stated, “A production house planned and carried out the most recent shoot for our brand with the concept of showing our magnificent cultural heritage in Bahawalpur.” She added that without being aware of the importance and sanctity of the location, the shoot was edited and published. She said that her team appreciates the individuals who brought this error to their attention, and they have taken immediate action by removing all pertinent content.

Maria B. expressed her sincere apologies to everyone who was understandably upset by this unfortunate incident. She apologized, but social media users didn’t accept it, and they kept criticizing her for the photo shoot.

The user wrote that it didn’t make sense when you and your team were unaware of the difficulties involved in shooting in a cemetery. For this reason, the history of culture, heritage, and architecture should be significant school subjects. Start them young so they won’t make these mistakes as adults, suggested another.

One of the users advised: How inexperienced is it that you plan to shoot at a location you are unaware of? Second, you blame the production house team for this unfortunate incident, but you share equal blame because, as the lead, you are expected to understand the relevant site thoroughly. Because, as consumers, we cannot reasonably anticipate such absurd behavior from a widely known and developed brand. But the fact that you accept it rather than argue against it is something to be proud of. Be careful the next time.

Many people also rallied to her side and thanked her for her apology.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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