Kane Frustrated Over Tottenham’s Persistent Early Goals Conceded

Harry Kane urges Tottenham to turn words into action as the team continues to struggle with early goals conceded in matches.

Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur’s star striker, expressed his frustration at the team’s recurring issues with early goals conceded after their game against Liverpool on Sunday. Despite making a strong comeback to level the match at 3-3, Liverpool’s Diogo Jota scored in stoppage time, securing a 4-3 win for the home team.

This wasn’t a first for Spurs, who have had a history of poor starts this season. They conceded five goals within the first 21 minutes in their 6-1 loss to Newcastle United and allowed a goal seven minutes into their 2-2 draw against Manchester United.

Kane voiced his disappointment at the lack of improvement, stating the team needed to better comprehend the significance of these big games. He told Sky Sports, “We’ve proven we can bounce back, even here at Anfield, which demonstrates our potential. However, the kind of starts we’ve been having are tough to explain and simply unacceptable.”

He further emphasized the need to move beyond just talk and show that they could rectify the situation on the pitch.

Interim coach Ryan Mason echoed these sentiments, highlighting the necessity for players to bring their full intensity right from the beginning of the game. He expressed his concern over the team’s recent performance, particularly in how they conceded the final goal against Liverpool. He stated the need to discuss these issues with the team and to address them promptly.

Written by Muhammad Qasim