Kaifi Khalil Will Release a New Song Shortly

Kaifi Khalil is a rising star in the Pakistani music industry. Kaifi Khalil is about to release a new song.

Kaifi Khalil is a rising star in Pakistan’s music business, with hits such as Kana Yaari, Mast, and Dilbar Dila Bide under his belt. The young and gifted singer, who created waves in the music business with his popular tune “Kahani Suno 2.0,” has indicated that a continuation of the song would be released very soon.

The singer discussed the tale behind the song and provided listeners a sneak peek into what they can anticipate from the impending release in an interview on Junaid Akram’s podcast, which was released on Eid ul Fitr.

Khalil revealed that the new song will not be called “Kahani Suno 3.0,” but would instead be an explanation of his previous song. He added that he wanted to give the original track credit by recreating it and making a song that listeners could relate to as if they were hearing someone’s tale.

During the podcast, Kaifi Khalil revealed that he wrote the song in three days and was first apprehensive because it was a love ballad. He added that he was concerned that people would not take it seriously because the subject of love is often seen as frivolous in today’s environment.

When questioned if the song is based on a true story, Khalil teased that he would answer this question in the following song, which would continue the tale he started in the previous song.


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