Here’s Why Muneeb Butt Believes Women Should Cook at Home Is Wrong

Muneeb enjoys it when his wife Aimen cooks for him because it “improves their emotional connection” and demonstrates her love and concern for him.

Muneeb Butt, the actor, has perplexed us. On the one hand, we’ve seen him make numerous delicacies for his wife on his YouTube channel, but he also claims that they don’t have a chef since the ladies of the family should be cooking.

In a recent interview, the actor was asked about a controversial statement he made: “We have a rule at home that we don’t hire chefs, Aimen cooks because that improves the emotional connection between wife and husband.”

Muneeb believes that everyone has their way of thinking, and every household has its own system. He claims he used the wrong phrase and that “rather than calling it a rule, I wanted to call it a tradition.”

Muneeb stated that he is someone who enjoys carrying on traditions. He remarked that he still believes it when a wife cooks for her husband, it demonstrates not only her effort but also her love and care for him.

“Muneeb loves what I cook for him, and he’s usually on a diet, which I feel not everybody can make [food for]. I have help, and his mother also cooks. He compliments me on it all the time, and it doesn’t take much time. Muneeb’s mother also assists.” Aiman Khan also mentioned that Butt cooks for her on days when she doesn’t feel like cooking.

To each their own, but we sometimes wonder if celebrities realize the consequences of what they say publicly and how it may affect their audience. Shouldn’t everyone have the option of cooking or working? Calling it a “rule” or “tradition” that they follow because they “don’t like putting sense in everything” is risky. Millions of people look up to Butt and listen to what he says. His supporters also see his vlogs in which he’s seen cooking several times, which is fine, but when he says women must cook, it implies that the male may cook whenever he wants, but the woman doesn’t really have a choice.

His wife is one of Pakistan’s most well-known celebrities, and seeing her openly advocate that women should stay at home to cook is equally troubling. She admits to having assistance, but not everyone does. Many women are compelled to handle all of the cleaning and cooking since they do not have an army of helpers. Butt and Khan’s statements just serve to perpetuate the notion that these women must slave away in the kitchen with minimal assistance from their husbands since “tradition” requires it.

When a celebrity does something like this, it frequently encourages reasons for bad behavior. How many guys will now go to their wives and use Butt’s statements as an excuse to not help or force them to serve everyone?

Muneeb Butt hails from a working-class family, and his wife has built a reputation for herself in the profession through her own hard work. His vlogs also reveal him to be a helpful husband who looks after his wife and is open to the concept of completing equal tasks, which contradicts this assertion completely.

But this isn’t the first time the Buddua actor has been chastised for making inappropriate remarks. Butt was questioned about his phobias on the Nida Yasir show in 2021, and he turned the subject around on Yasir, who admitted to being frightened of her spouse marrying for the second time. “Yes, we should be afraid of this scenario,” Muneeb Butt said. All women should be scared of this, and they should pamper their husbands to keep their attention from wandering elsewhere.”

He was chastised on social media for making such a foolish comment, so he responded with a seven-minute video explaining the event. Rather than admitting his error, he blamed many “small publications” for using him as clickbait.

The situation is significantly more nuanced than the typical celebrity gaffe. Muneeb Butt appears to be someone who knows that tasks should be shared, based on what we can see on social media – however social media is no sign of a person’s genuine disposition. “I also cook, and I’m good at it,” he added. However, he also stated that only women should cook.

We don’t know if the uncertainty stems from what he says or what he thinks, but prominent personalities must occasionally learn what not to say. Many people admire him and his wife, but they do not have the same chances.

For such folks, Butt’s or any other prominent figure’s, such as Sadaf Kanwal’s, ‘opinion’ raising men up and pushing women down serves as legitimacy for throwing all the labor onto women as well as a pitiful explanation for why women must do more than men. We don’t need “rules” or “traditions” that reinforce gender stereotypes; we need more individuals who talk about sharing the load and equality.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

Keen to write variety of topics and industries. My aim to create content that is informative, entertaining, and of the highest quality.