India’s First Transgender Couple to Have a Child

The first transgender couple to have a child in India, will make history

It has been reported that a transgender couple in India has been together for three years and is expecting a baby. Having a baby in this country will be the first time in the country’s history that a transgender couple has had a child.

As reported by Indian media, Ziya Paul and Zahid, a transgender couple in Kerala, have announced their pregnancy via Instagram following their first ultrasound. It is reported that Zia Paul had a gender reassignment program for becoming a woman. In contrast, Zahid had experienced a gender reassignment program to become a woman. She expects to give birth within two months of her gender change procedure.

Through hormone therapy, a transgender couple had their sex changed from male to female. As far as Zahid’s reproductive organs were concerned, he had never undergone an operation. The male reproductive organs of Zia had not yet been operated upon in the same way. There is an estimate that the transgender couple will adopt a child soon, but their adoption was hindered by litigation, and now nature has provided them with the child they wanted.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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