In Baluchistan Due to Heavy Rain Tragic Loss of Life

In Baluchistan due to heavy rain 8 members of family died.

It was reported by provincial disaster management that in Awaran and Zhob 10 people die because of heavy rain, of whome eight members are from one family. According to Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Reported that heavy rain was started on Friday night in Baluchistan cause flood in the area of Khuzdar an Awaran district.

Eight members including three ladies, two children, and three men, were traveling in a vehicle during the heavy rain they expected to reach Kalat from Awaran but their vehicle washed away when they attempt to cross the river. The family was driving from Awaran to Kalat and consisted of three ladies, two children, and three males. They attempted to cross a river but unfortunately they did not survive.

To find their bodies, members of Levies organization and administrators from Awaran arrived to the area and they are searching to find their bodies. According to report seven bodies were recovered by Levies.

Their bodies were shifted to nearby hospital. But one of their bodies is yet not be received they are still searching for it.

The family is originally from the Surab area of Kalat and was on their way home when this incident happened. Seven out of eight bodies have been received by the searchers and then they dispatched to Surab their motherland.  They were determined as 38 year old Azizullah, 37 year old Munir Ahmed, 40 year old Ayesha Bibi, 18 year old Noorzadi, 17 year old Seema Bibi, Nine year old Babiba Bibi and 7 year old Museer Ahmed.

And the rescue team and local are searching for the body of Mohsin.

The other two persons who die because of heavy rain in Baluchistan are Muhammad Shafiq and Masood Khan.

Muhammad Shafiq was sixty years old man and his body was later found in hilly area of Sombaza near the Pakistan and Afghanistan boarder.

While Massod Khan was sixteen years old boy was still missing.

The research team and local are looking for the bodies of Masood Khan and Mohsin.

The heavy rain not only damage huge area of Baluchistan but a lot of animals die.

According to the Deputy Commissioner (DC Baluchistan) the situation is now under control and they have found ten dead bodies of goats and other animals.

Last night the incident happened which was not expected by any one. The flood water swept 10 goats as well.

The heavy rainfall was reported in several areas of Baluchistan Including the area of Zhob, Kalat, Nushki, Ziarat, Chaman, Awaran, Quetta and many more areas.

The death of 10 people,  Among them eight members are from one family is a tragic incident. While the searching team is still looking for the bodies of Masood Khan and Mohsin.

Written by Piyar Ali

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