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Covid-19 Ratio in Pakistan Crossed 2%

It was reported that the ration of Covid-19 in Pakistan cross 2%, 103 new cases were reported recently.

According to the report of state they have tested over 4,685 tests and over 4685 the positive ratio was only 2.20% that is good news but we have to take care of that.

The state had confirmed that more than 15 patients were shifted to care units. The good news is that there is no any report of death during was recorded during their research.

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) advised to wear face mask in crowded places especially in market. It is good to apply the policy of National Command and Operation Center until last week of April.

During 24 hours over 4685 they reported only 2% were infected by Corona Virus disease.

According to NIH date the number of death rate is same as earlier it was means no new death is record of corona virus.

National Institute of Health Islamabad (NIH)

NIH: National Institute of Health Islamabad is research centre of Pakistan. It is located in capital city Islamabad.  It was formed in eighteen of June 1965; aim to provide a good research in biomedical and other health related topics.

The main task of National Institute of Health Islamabad is the manufacture of Vaccines.

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC)

The NCOC: National Command and Operation Centre was formed on twenty April 2020, it was formed to deal emergencies like COVID_19.

It was closed on first April of 2022 when Asad Umar announced closure of National Command and Operation centre.

However it is important to wear a mask and keep distance.

According to Government of Pakistan the total numbers of Cases till now are 1,578,046 and in 24 hours 133 cases were reported and 0 per cent death rate.

From the time of COVID-19 to now the total numbers of recovered cases are 1,546,352.

The in last 24 hours the numbers of cases are 29.

In last 24 hours all cases are normal except one case. Only one critical case is recorded in last 24 hours as the patient was in critical condition.

Total Number of Cases

Punjab: 524, 404 total number of cases

Sindh: 596, 001 total number of cases

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK): 225, 173

Capital City Islamabad: 139,974

Baluchistan: 36, 049

Azad Jammu & Kashmir: 44, 349

Gilgit Baltistan: 12,096

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