If Afghanistan does not control terrorists, terrorism will spread beyond Pakistan: Bilawal

On Saturday, Bilawal Bhutto warned that if the interim Afghan government did not show the “desire and capacity” to combat militant groups operating from its territory, terrorism would soon spread beyond Pakistan

The world community wants the Afghan interim government to uphold its commitments and obligations in areas like women’s education, inclusive governance, and combating possible terrorism threats from terrorist organisations like Daesh, TTP, and Al-Qaeda, according to Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

The PPP chairman stated that the “security and terrorist danger arising out” of Afghanistan was the most crucial issue facing that country in the area when speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. We are already observing an increase in terrorist activity in Pakistan after the fall of Kabul, but it won’t be long before it spreads to other countries if we and the interim government fail to take these groups seriously and they don’t show the desire and ability to take on terrorist groups.

He claimed that Afghanistan was home to a vast “alphabet soup” of terrorist organisations, but that neither the international world nor the Afghan government took the problem seriously enough.

In response to the nightmarish scenario, Bilawal asked the international community to take “pro-active” rather than “reactive” action. He continued, pleading with the international community to assist the Afghan interim authorities in building their capacity to deal with terrorist threats: “The key is to convince… the interim government in Afghanistan with the international community’s consensus, to take on terrorism within their borders and demonstrate the will to do so.”

On Friday, militants attacked the Karachi Police Department on Sharea Faisal, the city’s main thoroughfare. After nearly a four-hour operation, the security officers were able to evacuate the five-story structure. Later, the TTP, which has safe havens in Afghanistan, took credit for the strike. One of the bloodiest attacks in recent memory, the Peshawar mosque suicide attack killed more than 80 people, mostly policemen, and was carried out by the outlawed TTP. According to FM Bilawal, the interim administration did not have a standing army, a counterterrorism force, or even a border force.

According to Bilawal, the international community should persuade the Afghan interim government to confront the menace of terrorism and show its resolve. He cautioned that terrorism not only represented a threat to Afghanistan’s close neighbours but also to the West.

The international world must play its part in promoting peace in Afghanistan, the foreign minister reaffirmed, if the area is to remain stable.

He noted that the Afghan interim administration has pledged to rid the country of terrorists.

Earlier on Saturday, Pakistan reiterated its call for a swift diplomatic and diplomatic resolution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Minister Bilawal discussed his worries on the war with his counterpart from Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, outside of the Munich Security Conference.

The two sides engaged in a thorough discussion of a variety of issues and decided to increase their bilateral cooperation for the benefit of their respective peoples.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister claimed in a Twitter that he had a fruitful conversation on international, regional, and bilateral issues with senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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