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Remnants of Faiz Hameed still backing Imran in the institution: Maryam

Maryam Nawaz claimed that General (R) Faiz Hameed’s surviving supporters are still present in the organisation and continue to back Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan

The remains of the previous establishment are still aiding him because their interests are connected, Maryam claimed.

Maryam stated that Khan’s refusal to appear in court for the various lawsuits brought against him was the first instance she had seen a politician disobey court orders despite repeated reminders. She continued by saying that although the courts had judges who were trustworthy and had integrity, “some traces” of the former Inter-Services Intelligence leader were still around and “they worked” via them.

She said, “Not the institution, but certain people are backing Imran,” asserting that the former cricketer-turned-politician was still engaged in “deals” and wasn’t going to court because of this.

The PMLN senior vice-president continued to make fun of Khan, saying that despite being able to go to Rawalpindi for a party event while having a damaged leg, he “cannot appear before the court.” The lawmaker continued by saying that the judiciary would need to carry out its accountability if accusations were made against it.

When asked how Khan had previously been helped to form a government, Maryam responded, “Members from our party and those from other parties were split to create his party. Those who opposed him were excluded on a selective basis. She asserted that the government of the ousted prime minister was led for four years. The PML-N scion claimed that when they required money, it was sent to them from abroad.

She insisted that Gen (R) Bajwa was not the reason Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was elected, but rather Khan’s incapacity.

They shouldn’t be concerned about Nawaz Sharif’s homecoming, she said in answer to a question about it, adding that the real issue was why he kept having to leave the nation.

Maryam added that the government’s hands were tied and that despite their best efforts, they were unable to provide relief for the afflicted by inflation.

Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, did not want to raise the cost of necessities because he is aware of the suffering of the public, but he was forced to by IMF pressure.

In response to rumours that she and former PML-N senior vice-president Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had a falling out, Maryam claimed that she had a two and a half hour long thorough chat with the former prime minister regarding his resignation. Abbasi’s decision to leave the party, according to Maryam, would be an insult to me rather than to him; Khaqan, on the other hand, remarked, “You are my sister,” and he indicated he wanted to give me some room.

She continued by saying that the former PML-N leader had provided her with his “useful opinion.” She insisted, “I won’t let Abbasi go, and he isn’t going anywhere.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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