Frontier Constabulary and Islamabad Police Engage in a Brutal Fight

Officials from the Islamabad Police and members of the Frontier Constabulary (FC) at the Secretariat Police Station have expressed grave concerns over the professionalism and orderliness of security personnel.

Media reports state that the unfortunate episode, which happened in the federal capital, received extensive media coverage and incited popular wrath.

A residential building inside the police station was being evacuated when the fight broke out. The FC staff assigned to the Red Zone was supposed to receive the building.

However, it was said that the FC executives made a hurried attempt to leave the area, which resulted in a tense altercation with the police officers posted there.

According to the accounts, the situation was made worse by the presence of senior police officers and FC employees, who became involved in the altercation.

The issue was only resolved and harmony between the two sides was restored thanks to the police officers’ assistance.

This incident emphasises how crucial it is for security personnel to maintain professionalism and discipline, especially in a high-security area like the Red Zone.

To guarantee that future occurrences of such situations are avoided, it is crucial that the relevant authorities respond swiftly and decisively.

It is the duty of the responsible authorities to address these concerns and regain the public’s trust in the security forces because this occurrence has cast doubt on their capacity to uphold such standards.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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