Celebrity: Farhan Saeed Send Legal Notice To Feroze Khan

Farhan Saeed serves a legal notice to Feroze Khan to apologize publicly within 3 days, or he’ll face strict consequences.

The exposure of prudent knowledge of well-known Pakistani celebrities, actor Feroze Khan is making headlines. Many of the celebrities named in his legal notice complained that their private information had been “leaked,” called the actor out, and said they would sue him.

Yasir Hussain was the first person identified in the notice to criticize Khan on social media. The musicians involved have now criticized Feroze Khan for his “immaturity.” Farhan Saeed, a well-known Pakistani musician, has sent the Khaani actor a legal letter asking him to issue a public apology for the harm he has caused within three days to prevent additional legal implications.

The January 18 document, a copy of which was provided to Images, states that it was sent to Khan immediately at actor Suno Chanda`s request and demands that he withdraw the complaint against Saeed and “tender an unequivocal apology” in the same way on all platforms where the “defamatory material” was published. According to the document, Saeed had not actually received Khan’s legal papers as required by law because they had been “illegally circulated” on social media sites, WhatsApp groups, and other online places. He stated that “criminal and civil responsibility will be at the doorstep” of Khan if the “Sajni” singer or other parties specified in the initial legal notice suffer any injury due to the invasion of privacy.

As a result, individuals without any connection to your client’s personal affairs—including our client—have been added to your notice without cause or justification. To avoid Saeed instructing his legal team to bring civil and criminal action against Khan, Khan was required to retract his notice and apologize verbally and in writing within three working days.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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