Feroze Khan Will Face Legal Action After Disclosing Personal Information

Feroze Khan will face legal action after disclosing personal information according to Minal Khan and Sarwat Gilani

In response to accusations of domestic abuse made against him by his former wife Aliza Sultan, actor Feroze Khan said on Tuesday that he has placed defamation notices on several other celebrities.

The “Khuda Aur Muhabbat” actor published nine celebrity names along with their personal details like mobile phone numbers on Instagram. He eventually removed it.

The names of Sarwat Gilani and Minal Khan, who have vowed to sue Feroze Khan, are stated in the notice.

Gilani posted an image of what looks to be her mobile phone call log on Instagram, showing more than 100 missed calls from unknown callers.

The post’s description read, “It is weird and horrible that private information, including phone numbers of many renowned individuals, has been publicly released on the ridiculous pretence of sending legal notice to them by Feroze Khan.”

She referred to these behaviours as being both “obviously illegal” and showing “a total lack of maturity to handle problems in a civilised way.”

“Two days ago, Feroze Khan only had one ex-wife and her attorney chasing him; today, he must contend with 10 famous people and their attorneys. Best of luck! Gilani penned.

The Jalan actor Minal Khan also posted on Instagram with the statement, “Yesterday, my private information, including my personal phone number, was published on social media. Feroze Khan purposely committed this extremely despicable conduct under the ridiculous pretence of serving legal notice.

She admitted that his behaviour had caused her a great deal of “mental suffering,” since she had been inundated with phone calls and messages.

“I have had several instances of mental harassment, torture, and threats, which has compromised my personal security and placed me in danger. My life and the lives of my family are at jeopardy. Such actions are against the law, thus Minal declared, “I will be pursuing extremely serious legal action against Feroze Khan for disclosing my private information on social media with the information of numerous other well-known people.

Feroze Khan has received a legal warning from well-known actor and singer Farhan Saeed for disclosing his personal details.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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