Bitcoin Price Hits 21000, Is It Next Crypto Bull Run?

Back into action! Once again crypto is on fire and btc hits $21000

In the last five days, there is a 14.82% in Ethereum and an 18.79% in Bitcoin increase observed. This thing is fetching the attention of those who are considering it a dead elephant. Also, investors are coming back to the market. Today’s Bitcoin price is $20,715 and Etherium is performing at $1533.34.

The last years were very dreadful for cryptocurrencies. Less up and more downfalls were observed. Bitcoin touched its lowest price of $16000+ and declined from $64000+. The same is the case with Ethereum, the number 2 top cryptocurrency. Many coins go out of the action. SBF, the owner of FTX was arrested and his company’s bank ruppeted. Millions of dollars were lost.

But with the evidence of this year, there is hope and signs of the extraordinary performance of the crypto industry.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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