Microsoft Unveils VALL-E, A Powerful AI Who Mimic

Microsoft’s new program AI VALL-E can mimic a sound within 3-second training

Microsoft researchers have announced that they have prepared an AI-powered tool that can mimic anyone’s voice with 3-second training. It also detects the type of sound, i.e., if you record a sound over the mobile phone, it will speak the text in the detected voice tone. They named this technology VALL-E. They also published a research paper that explains this technology, on arXiv.

Before that, it takes about hours to train a program to mimic one’s sound, but the recent application is highly super impactful. The future of voice will be at another level with the help of such applications. Microsoft is constantly in news for several days about its interest in AI-powered technologies. In recent days, the company was in the news bulletin for the deal with openAI.

Such technologies have pros and cons. It will move text-to-speech applications to the next level, because of its super technology. The other side of the coin is dreadful, as scammers can play with it very easily. Moreover, it may be used in deep fake to defame the politicians.

However, its legal acceptability is still not discussed. It may face legal issues in near future.

It is also beneficial for the firms. It enables them to constantly watch their employees or freelancers in action. This feature will enhance the productivity of the firm or organization. The thing you need constantly is internet connectivity.

It is hoped that it will prove helpful for the upcoming situation as it is reported that about 50% of employees will move to a freelance basis by 2027. This new move will help to pave the way to work from home culture.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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