Amazon Rainforest Extremes Directly Impact The Tibetan Plateau

There is a relationship between the Tibetan plateau and the amazon basin

Recently, scientists said there is a strong relationship between the Amazon basin and the Tibetian plateau. Climate change directly affects the water resource of 2 billion people in Asia.

Climate change is an issue that has been raised for the last decades. It’s the effect of humans trying to manipulate nature with their activities. This climate change is increasing the earth’s temperature. With the increasing temperature, the polar ice is melting at a faster rate. It will cause to increase in the sea level by several meters, which will affect the life of sea sores.

The Amazon rainfed forest is the other major vulnerable area concerning climate change. It is also called the lungs of the earth. There are a few factors that are directly affecting this forest. With the commencement of the new government in brazil, it is reported that deforestation has increased by 75% percent. The other thing that is affecting natural wildfires. These factors make it less dense.

The domino effect of the change from one area to another was not found. But scientists have conducted a study that suggests a strong relationship between the amazon and Tibet plateau. However, they are about 20,000 kilometers away from each other.

Scientists used computer simulations to carry out this study. They used the data from 2100 till the time to find the third pole relation.

The researcher said that when the temperature rises in amazon, that period is also warmer in Tibet. A decrease in the rainfall in the amazon caused less snowfall in the Tibetan plateau.

Here is the study that discusses the domino effect –

Written by Aly Bukshi

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