A Year To The Murree Tragedy: Humanity Is Alive

Wintertime tragically conjures up thoughts of the 2022 Murree disaster

Wintertime tragically conjures up thoughts of the 2022 Murree disaster, which was nothing short of a nightmare for people.

On January 7, the city of Murree had a terrible blizzard and snowstorm, but 23 people also perished as a result of unanticipated events that turned their weekend escape into a tragic event.

People travel from all over the nation to visit Murree since it is a prime tourist destination. Extreme weather was predicted for January 6–9, 2022, according to the MET Office, but it wasn’t taken as seriously as it ought to have been.

In spite of the winter, thousands of tourists flocked to Murree, overwhelming the city’s capacity to handle them and generating major traffic congestion.

People were forced to stay in their vehicles due to the traffic bottleneck as they were unable to find other places to take refuge. They turned on their car heaters to get warm, which led to carbon monoxide inhalation and ultimately led to their demise.

In these conditions, when citizens and authorities felt powerless and survival had grown challenging, McDonald’s Murree welcomed those who were stranded in the winter.

Everyone who could access the outlet was being welcomed. Not only that, but they were also giving away free food and hot drinks.

600 individuals spent the evening and the next day finding refuge in McDonald’s.

The crew was present and served the customers; they stayed with the crowd and were told by management to make accommodations for everyone and offer them any help they required.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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