A Quran teacher was arrested for using a cable lock to beat a 10-year-old in Lahore

A Quran instructor who mercilessly tortured a 10-year-old student for taking a break and not memorising his lesson has been detained by police in the capital of Punjab

The victim’s father, Muhammad Hussain, a native of the Kot Lakhpat region, filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the Liaquatabad Police against the suspect, Muhammad Tahir.

He claimed that Tayyab Hussain used to attend Quran classes at Muhammad Tahir’s house. The complaint added that Tahir held his son prisoner for a day before releasing him on February 5. “On February 3, my son did not attend to take the lesson, and when he went there the next day, the teacher did not allow him to go back as a punishment,” the complainant stated.

He wrote in the FIR, “When Tayyab returned home, he was crying out of agony and revealed he was beaten up by the Quran teacher with a cable lock.”

Numerous horrifying images reveal the student’s back with signs of torture. A general hospital’s medical staff also confirmed that the youngster had been tortured.

After being apprehended while trying to flee the area, the suspect was eventually turned over to authorities.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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