Amir Dogar of the PTI and Sheikh Tariq of the PML-N arrested in Multan

Leaders of the PTI and PML-N have been arrested by the police in Multan for Wednesday’s rioting outside the regional office of the ECP

After a heated argument at the time of submitting nomination papers for the by-elections in NA-155, due to take place on March 16, supporters of PTI leader Amir Dogar and Sheikh Tariq Rashid of the PML-N got into a brawl outside the ECP office.

Videos released on social media show PTI and PML-N employees throwing rocks and plant pots at one another inside the public office’s premises. Following the incident, the ECP filed a police complaint requesting that the perpetrators of the violent incident face consequences.

Later, police conducted a raid at Dogar’s farmhouse, where they detained him and eleven of his supporters. Sheikh Tariq, a candidate for the PML-N, and party members were seized in a separate incident. They are the subject of a case for interfering with state activities and causing harm to the ECP office.

PML-N Police quickly released Senator Rana Mahmoodul Hassan, who had also been detained, after discovering that he had not been present when the breakout had started.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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