World’s Quietest Room

The world’s quietest room, where you can’t stop for an hour because it is very quiet.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Microsoft has built the quietest room in the world, but no one can stay here for more than a few minutes at a time. The company has set this room up to test its products and other experiments, first established in 2015 and now confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s quietest room. The location of this room is Redmond, Washington. It is known that sound is measured in decibels, but the silence in this room is just over minus 20 decibels, which is very quiet.

Interestingly, only one person has been in this room for more than 30 minutes, and most people tend to leave after a few minutes. The reason for this is that as soon as you walk into a room, you can hear the heartbeat, then you can hear the sounds coming from the intestines and stomach, and then you can hear the movement of the bones and the flow of blood. A strange feeling comes over the person who sits on it, and they leave the room as a result.

It is called an anechoic chamber in English, meaning it is a room where the sound waves are completely absorbed. That is why the silence here seems so strange since even the quietest library can have a decibel level of 40 decibels of noise coming from the speakers. Here, however, it is negative decibels that rule the day. Many people experience ringing in their ears within seconds of coming here, which can become unbearable within the next few minutes.

Secondly, there is a common belief that many people lose their balance when they enter this room, and people begin to fear even the sound of their breathing when they enter this room. Engineers have installed special sound-absorbing panels around the room and on the ceiling to ensure the room is quiet. Because of this, it has taken two whole years to design and manufacture this product.

With the new increase in its silence, it has now reached negative 24.9 decibels. Taking into account the buzz that is being generated by Microsoft products, the devices are optimized. The result of this is a higher quality product that is manufactured. Despite this, the general public can’t visit this room as it is intended for serious scientific research and product development.

Written by Arslan Arif

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