Which Drama, Aired in Ramadan, Will Be Our Favorite in 2023?

From the four dramas that have been aired in Ramadan on Geo and Hum, we have chosen our favorite for 2023

This year, like in previous years, there was a big list of dramas broadcasted in Ramadan on famous TV stations. Hum TV and Geo Entertainment competed enthusiastically, but nothing this year came close to the standards set by Suno Chanda and Hum-Tum in the previous year. However, we have chosen our favorite Ramadan drama for 2023 from the four that have been aired on Geo and Hum. Continue reading about our favorite special Drama Serials Aired in Ramadan 2023 and do let us know if you agree or disagree.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale met all the boxes for the finest Ramadan drama this year. Excellent script? Check. Is this a good direction? Check. Acting that is convincing? Check. Incredible casting? Check the excellent pairing of Farjad and Umeed and, of course, the tension and chemistry between the main characters. Check. Check. Check. Fairy Tale was unquestionably the season’s unambiguous winner. Saira Majeed wrote a fantastic story, and Ali Hassan brought it to life with his innovative direction. Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan gave realistic performances, and this was a lovely, lighthearted comedy to see this season.

Chand Tara

Saima Like in previous years, Akram Chaudhry’s script failed to weave its spell. Even with Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan in the key roles, Chand Tara did not come across as an interesting show. In fact, after only a few episodes of Chand Tara, one is left wondering and wishing for it to end. Reason? The show depicts unrealistic family ideals. It means, who in the desi joint family structure wouldn’t want to break away and start their own life, especially if they have a supporting husband? Yes, the concept was great, but it was far from reality.

Heer Da Hero

In Heer Da Hero on Geo Entertainment, Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf made for a jovial and loving couple. Throughout Ramzan, the drama was entertaining and supplied lighthearted humor. This one drama, written by Amar Khan, shows that the actress can also write. We adored Heer and her hero for the joy they offered us. Despite Amar and Ashraf’s great performances, the drama fell short of its potential. The writing and performances couldn’t redeem a bad tale.

Tere Aany Sy

Muneeb Butt and Komal Meer teamed up for this Ramzan special on Geo after impressing the audience with their coupling in Qalandar. Tere Aany Se was another lighthearted love comedy that kept the audience entertained with its narrative. Tere Aany Se, written by Samra Bukhari, promised a lot in the first few episodes but fell short. Too much of anything can be an issue, and this Ramzan was no exception. Too many family-centric plots and forced plotlines have made it difficult for fans to enjoy Ramzan productions as much as they once did.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

Keen to write variety of topics and industries. My aim to create content that is informative, entertaining, and of the highest quality.