Usman Khawaja Spoke About Racism In Australia

Khawaja Spoke about the unconscious racism still faced in Australia

Usman Khawaja spoke about the racism that he is facing in Australia. He was talking with Sydney Morning Herald. He said in his interview

“That’s where I’m trying to work with Cricket Australia saying, ‘Look, guys, you invest a lot of money into this, but something’s not going right. You’ve been doing it for 10 years and nothing’s changed,”

He also added these words

“There’s a subconscious bias. If you have two cricketers, one brown, one white, both the same, the white coach is going to pick the white cricketer just because he has a son that might look similar to him. It’s what’s familiar to him.”
He spoke about the challenge of lack of representation for a non-white player is still stagnant. You have to perform exceptionally well to enjoy the position. He also spoke about the behaviors of Australians toward brown people. He spoke about the incident that happened to him even though he was in an Australian kit. On it he said

“ got stopped 3 times last year at our hotel, while in Australian kit, and [was] asked if I was with the Australian Cricket team…”

Khawaja is a Pakistan-born Australian test player that is performing exceptionally with his bat. He represented Australia in 105 matches and scored 5,957 runs.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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