USA Announced Helping India in Artificial Intelligence

The USA is opening a new war front with China; the USA will help India in A.I., Space Technology, and Defence.

The USA has announced to help India in Artificial Intelligence, Space programs, and advancement in defense. This partnership aims to give China a tough time in the Asian region in said fields, including semiconductors.

Both sides’ president’s security advisors meet with each other in the presence of many other officials at the White House for the sake of U.S.- India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies.

The USA wants to deploy more mobile phone companies as a competitor of China’s Huawei. For the sake of creating new competitors, the USA welcomes India to be a strong opponent of China. The USA also give invitations to Indian Chip specialist to come to the USA.

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. president’s security adviser, said,

“The larger challenge posed by China – its economic practices, its aggressive military moves, its efforts to dominate the industries of the future and to control the supply chains of the future – have had a profound impact on the thinking in Delhi,”

The USA was worried about the closing relations between Russia and India. These relations are a sign of the loss of American Power in the Asian-Pecific region. India has done a joint military exercise with Russia in the recent past. Besides that, they also bought crude oil from Russia. This buying means funding Russia in times of crisis, as Russia is at war with Ukraine.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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