US Halt Export Licenses to China’s Huawei Company

The US stopped technology export to Huawei, A new strategy in the great game

Biden government has banned the technology export with Chinese company Huawei. There is no longer export license issuance for technology export with Hauwei.

The US is continuously tightening the rope over China in technology. In previous days, the US government accused Huawei of spying and declared it a national security threat to the United States of America.

In response, Chinese government officials and Huawei denied these allegations and said it was useless multiple times.

The story was unveiled when the ministry of commerce, USA, said to many technology export firms that there are no longer licenses for technology exports to Huawei. A US commerce spokesperson said,

“Working closely with our interagency export controls partners at the Departments of Energy, Defense, and State, we continually assess our policies and regulations and communicate regularly with external stakeholders,”

He added more,

“We do not comment on conversations with or deliberations about specific companies.”

This is the next step to stop complete technology export with China. The reason behind this move is the increasing tension between USA and China over Taiwan.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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